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Meet Loretta, aka LoLo, aka our happy elf!

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Can you quickly describe yourself?  (education, job history, family, interests, hobbies, etc.) 

My career started in Retail and continued for 14 years. Once I had my children, I stayed home and raised them. As they got older, I wanted to get back into the workforce and Breakwater was a perfect fit for me. It allows me to continue to raise my three children while building a meaningful career that I love! We enjoy traveling and going on adventures as a family. Currently we are looking at colleges for my middle child. This has been fun because it was something we missed out on doing with my oldest because of Covid. So far San Diego State University is a top contender. Very far from Delaware, but thank goodness we have family in San Diego. 

Your favorite part of working for Breakwater? 

I have two favorite parts of working at Breakwater, my clients and co-workers. We have been given the opportunity to connect and build a relationship with each of our clients. I do believe that’s what sets Breakwater apart from other firms. We not only know our clients’ business inside and out, but we also know about their families. It’s nice to be able to communicate with our clients about life events: engagements, weddings, birthdays, graduations, grandchildren, etc. Not just about business. This builds a solid relationship giving them peace of mind so that they can continue to run successful businesses. 

Let me tell you about my co-workers. They are the best! It’s always a team effort here at Breakwater. Each and every day I can see teammates helping each other even if they aren’t on the same teams. It’s wonderful to work in an environment where we all have one common goal…making team Breakwater a success! 

What is a Breakwater memory that always makes you smile? 

This memory makes me laugh every time I think of it…the time I decided to lay on the sofa at the Office Holiday Party. I remember moving the furniture around so we could take a group photo. Once everything was put back in place I flopped on the sofa. I think Lee took the picture? It was such a nice surprise to see I was a Merry Elf representing Breakwater Christmas 2021.