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Welcome Aboard! How Breakwater’s Onboarding Team Calms the Seas!

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Welcome Aboard! Why our Client Onboarding Team is our secret weapon!

Making a change can seem so overwhelming, especially when it comes to handling your business’ finances.  Here at Breakwater, our specialized Onboarding Team (Welcome Aboard Team) has an important and pivotal role in your client journey – to make the new client transition an organized and stress-free experience.  

Your decision to partner with us is greatly appreciated, and we are committed to building your trust and making your onboarding journey seamless.  As you begin your onboarding process, we will ensure that you have all the resources and support you need to feel confident and comfortable. Our team is dedicated to guiding you through each step, answering any questions you may have, and helping you get acquainted with our services and solutions.  

Each client receives a dedicated onboarding manager, who serves as your primary point of contact throughout the onboarding process. They are available to assist you with questions or concerns and will ensure a smooth transition into your ongoing permanent team.  Their role spans from accounting clean-up to improving and streamlining processes.  At Breakwater, we take a blended team approach.  Many times our team is working on both accounting clean-up and ongoing services in tandem.  Your dedicated manager will be joined by other essential members of the onboarding team, as each client’s needs are assessed, for ongoing bookkeeping, technology and more. 

Communication is the key to successfully building any new relationship.   We encourage open communication and feedback throughout the onboarding process with regular client meetings and working sessions.  The outcome for these sessions is to learn more about your goals, needs and internal processes so we can help advise you on the next steps on your Breakwater journey.  Dedicated regular meetings help us track your progress and ensure that we are on the right path towards achieving your goals with Breakwater. 

As we work through the services you’ve requested in Onboarding (usually between 30 and 90 days), our team will carefully document your processes and will prepare to begin transitioning your account to your permanent, ongoing team.  Our onboarding team will ensure a seamless transition as we set your new accounting team up for success, while keeping your bookkeeping and accounting moving forward toward your established goals.  You’ll be introduced to your ongoing client team and dedicated team leader, who will be committed to your continued success here at Breakwater.  

In short, our unique onboarding approach provides the dedicated time and space to meet the goals and outcomes entrusted to Breakwater within our new partnership.  Our blended team will review processes and procedures, set up your books in the most efficient and organized way possible and create an atmosphere of confidence, communication, and trust.  We can’t wait to welcome you aboard at Breakwater!