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Outsourced Controller Services

Breathe Easier.

Breakwater knows that outsourced bookkeeping services can complement small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

Breakwater knows that accurate accounting and bookkeeping are only one piece of your growing business or nonprofit organization’s puzzle. Our outsourced controller services provide our clients with the management of accounting processes to ensure timely financial reporting, cash flow management, and an accurate picture of your small to medium-sized business or non-profit organization’s financial position so you can make the best financial decisions moving forward.

We are aware that as a business owner you do not have time to micromanage and make sure all parts of your accounting system are working together. Breakwater’s financial controllers know all the moving parts and ensure they are working together to provide you with a well-rounded, fully integrated outsourced accounting system.

You no longer need a full-time in-house controller: Breakwater’s outsourced controller service offerings are thorough enough to meet all of your needs while also being cost-effective. We will integrate all areas of your accounting systems and implement internal as well as financial controls to provide accurate financials that will assist you in your business decisions.

“Started discussing with Jamie about my business needing help with book keeping for my business. She was able to pull the entire team together for a great consultation. Highly recommend and super knowledgeable!“

– Frank Ruggerio

Tasks Handled By Breakwater’s Outsourced Financial Controller Services

Breakwater’s outsourced financial controllers wear many hats so that you don’t have to.

Month-End Close

A timely, accurate, and efficient month-end close requires someone who knows your business or non-profit and has a deep understanding of accounting practices. Breakwater’s outsourced financial controllers know the information needed, the processes required, and the cadence that needs to happen between your accounting team members to get you the information you need for your board meetings, partner meetings, or just for your own analysis so you can optimize efforts and productivity.

Cash Flow Management

Breakwater understands that small to medium-sized businesses and non-profit organizations are typically all-hands-on-deck efforts. While running your business or organization you need your team to be able to move and work without worrying about balances or limits. Your outsourced financial controller is happy to do the worrying and monitoring for you. We can provide cash flow forecasts that are updated regularly to gauge what is going on between your budget and reality.

Liaison with Tax Accountants and Auditors

Year-end comes every year and yet it still can creep up when you are running your business. Breakwater’s outsourced financial controllers collaborate with the rest of your accounting team and monitor your finances throughout the year to make sure information is accurate and logical so that when year-end creeps up there are no surprises. Your outsourced financial controller will work with your tax accountant or auditor to make sure they have access to all information required for deadlines to be met.

Grant Tracking

Breakwater is well-versed in non-profit clients and the rigorous government and foundation grant tracking that can be required by your organization. Our outsourced financial controllers have various options for ensuring that the terms you have agreed to are met and clear in your reporting.

Financial Reporting

Breakwater loves details, but business owners and non-profit boards do not need details, they need a clear picture of their business or non-profit organization’s financial position. Our outsourced financial controllers will ensure that the details your accounting team puts into your accounting system are accurate, and then turn them into meaningful and timely reports and data to help you make informed decisions about how to move forward in running your small to medium-sized business or non-profit organization.

Budgeting + Forecasting

Today’s financial information can guide you towards your business decisions for months and years to come. The accuracy and presentation of that information is essential to plotting your small to medium sized business or non-profit organization’s course. Breakwater’s outsourced financial reporting is customized and adaptable to give you the financial data required to plan.

Contact Breakwater for Expert Outsourced Controller Services

Run your business or non-profit organization without worrying about whether you will have the details you need for timely financial reporting. Our outsourced controller services take the stress out of cash flow management and enable you to accurately understand your small to medium-sized business or non-profit organization’s financial position so that you can make the best financial decisions. Contact us today to see how we can help you.