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Outsourced Bookkeeping Services

Breathe Easier.

Breakwater knows that outsourced bookkeeping services can complement small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

Day to day bookkeeping can take business owners and administrators of non-profit organizations away from other necessary business, but hiring a full time employee can be a waste of your resources. Breakwater knows that outsourced bookkeeping services can complement small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. These services can also offer an opportunity for work-life balance for business owners so you can run your business and leave the accounting functions to us.

Clean books means clean financial reporting. When you outsource your bookkeeping with Breakwater you can continue to run your business or organization and know that the financial information being prepared monthly for your review, and at year end for tax preparation, is accurate, organized, detailed and informative.

Your goals are our goals, and we use various accounting software and financial technology to streamline your processes. Breakwater isn’t your typical accounting firm nor are we a standard virtual bookkeeper. Breakwater is a team of real people you will be able to talk to and problem solve with; having outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services does not have to mean no connection.

“The staff at Breakwater are great to work with! Our relationship with the organization for the last 4 years has allowed us to simplify processes, improve timeliness and accuracy and save money. Thanks for serving our school so well. It is a pleasure working with you!“

– Melonie Fetterman

Our Bookkeeping Services Help Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

When all areas of your financial statements are completed accurately and efficiently, your team gets the opportunity to identify strengths and weaknesses and optimize your efforts. Everything comes down to knowing when, how and where to enter all of the moving pieces of your business or organization. Incorrect bookkeeping can cost your company valuable time and insights. Breakwater’s team of bookkeepers are all Quickbooks certified; knowing the ins and outs of the accounting software gives us an advantage in properly capturing business activity. We know how to get your business transactions and information into accounting software in a way that benefits your unique company.

Breakwater’s outsourced bookkeeping services include:

Accounts Receivable

Breakwater knows that business owners and non-profit organizations are committed to providing superior goods, services and completion of your missions; our outsourced bookkeepers will ensure that you are invoicing properly for your hard work and that the funds that come in are being applied to help you make good decisions on how to optimize your efforts.

Accounts Payable

Breakwater’s bookkeepers know that you have people to pay and obligations that need to be met in a timely and efficient manner . We are always prepared with the best solution for your small to medium sized business’ or non-profit organization’s structure and needs. We will take time in your initial assessment to nail down the accounting software and processes to make sure you can approve bills for payment easily.

Payroll Processing

Payroll can get complicated between time tracking, benefits, payroll taxes, time off and so many more variables. Breakwater’s team has seen it all and unites to provide you with the most informed recommendations to handle your payroll complexities and to ensure that your pay structure is reflected as uniquely as you may need it to be for financial reporting purposes.

Expense Management

Your team is busy- let us take the work out of keeping your team members going. We partner with financial technology companies to give our clients ease of use while still gathering the level of detail necessary for clean audits and good decision-making.

Partner with Breakwater for Your Bookkeeping Needs

Breakwater has seen over and over how negatively a business can be impacted by incorrect bookkeeping. Clients come to us struggling to understand their numbers and financial reporting, and we are happy to clean up their financials and help them understand how to get back on track. Breakwater’s outsourced bookkeepers are dedicated to making the lives of small to medium sized business owners and administrators of non-profit organizations easier, as well as making businesses and organizations more understandable and efficient.