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Lee Podolsky talks 2024!

| breakwater1601 |

Shout out to all the business leader rockstars we know and love!

Hello 2024! Yes, there are many unknowns this year, but approaching 2024 with intent will set us all up for success. Being prepared, one of Breakwater Accounting’s 6 core principles, is our theme for this quarter. These 3 things to focus on will always contribute:

  1. Treat your team like family – foster an atmosphere that’s all about growth, positive vibes, and giving everyone their moment. Oh, and pay attention; the best insights often come from unexpected corners.
  2. Be in the know – talk to your customers, review and analyze your business financial  data trends, and hear the whispers from the front line. If you see smoke, grab a shovel and dig deep.
  3. Cash is king – forecast like a boss, stay in the know, and make collecting those dollars a priority. Knowledge is power, and being on top of your cash flow will ensure you are prepared to handle anything that comes your way.

Remember, it’s not a solo mission. Your partners, customers, vendors, and your team are all riding this wave with you. Let’s tackle 2024 with a knowing smile and unbeatable spirit.

Breakwater Accounting is on this journey with you and will be by your side as we work on ensuring 2024 is a GOOD YEAR!