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Outsourced Financial Reporting

Breathe Easier.

Breakwater knows that outsourced bookkeeping services can complement small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

Breakwater knows that successfully running your business day to day requires high level direction and guidance, that’s why our outsourced accounting teams provide financial reporting that plays a pivotal role for small to medium sized businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Breakwater’s team of accountants and bookkeepers work together to provide accurate outsourced financial reporting while providing our clients with a clear picture of their financial position and the best path forward to meet their goals.

Outsourcing financial reporting services does not have to mean that you lose the inside insight that comes with a full-time in-house accounting department. Breakwater’s outsourced accounting teams learn your business inside and out to become an extension of your team. We learn your goals, strengths and challenges and build an accounting system that will provide you with financial statements custom-designed to fuel your business growth. Finance and accounting no longer have to be puzzles to solve, but rather a story to be written. We are interested in where you want the story of your business or non-profit to lead and are eager to get started on making that happen!

Outsourcing your financial reporting with Breakwater is a cost-effective opportunity to get a clean and clear idea of what is going on behind the numbers of your financial data. When organized and presented correctly, your reporting can support your goals and missions and guide you in making decisions for your small to medium sized business or non-profit organization.

“I love working with Breakwater! Lisa and her team make me owning two businesses so much easier! The amount of time I save by using them to manage my monthly finances and QuickBooks is a lifesaver. And Lisa is always prompt to reply, answer questions, and handle any issues I have. I would highly recommend Breakwater to anyone who has a need for their services!“

– Samantha Diedrick

Outsourced Financial Reporting Services Include

Cash Flow Outlook

Knowing your cash position in real time enables you to run your business confidently even when life takes a turn. Breakwater’s outsources bookkeepers will keep your financial information current and accessible so you can trust your outsourced financial reporting to make quick decisions in a pinch.

Budgeting + Forecasting

Today’s financial information can guide you towards your business decisions for months and years to come. The accuracy and presentation of that information is essential to plotting your small to medium sized business or non-profit organization’s course. Breakwater’s outsourced financial reporting is customized and adaptable to give you the financial data required to plan.

P+L and Balance Sheet Review, Analysis and Guidance

Breakwater’s outsources financial reporting team takes your daily transactions, understands your goals and combines them both, turning them into measurable data that you will receive like clockwork every month. With clear and thoughtful reporting, it is easier to foresee bumps in the road and plan for them while at the same time capitalizing on the areas in which you are flourishing to optimize your efforts.

Grant Tracking

Breakwater is well versed in grant tracking and reporting. Our outsourced financial reporting team knows the regulations surrounding the funds received by our small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations. With these regulations comes more pressure and the need to know where every penny has gone. Breakwater knows the best practices to ensure grants are being spent correctly and boards know how those funds are being utilized to make an organization’s mission come to fruition.

Contact Breakwater for Expert Outsourced Financial Reporting Services

Run your business or non-profit organization without worrying about whether you will have the details you need for timely financial reporting. Our outsourced financial reporting enables you to accurately understand your small to medium-sized business or non-profit organization’s financial position so that you can make the best decisions. Contact us today to see how we can help you.