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Accounting Workflow Consultants

Breathe Easier.

Breakwater knows that outsourced bookkeeping services can complement small to medium sized businesses and non-profit organizations.

Breakwater’s outsourced accountants are capable of working with your current accounting processes, but our accounting workflow consultants can provide valuable insight and thoughtful recommendations on how to make both your company and your Breakwater team operate as efficiently as possible.

Breakwater knows how hard running your business can be. That’s why our passion is minimizing the stressors and taking them off your plate. When your business processes are inefficient and dated your company is losing both time and money. Our accounting workflow consultants’ entire purpose is to research the latest financial technology offerings, test them out, and bring only the strongest most well rounded option to our valued clients.

Breakwater’s accounting workflow consultants offer our outsourced accountants the internal support they need to ensure your business processes are always efficient and streamlined. You can focus on running your business knowing your Breakwater team has a deep bench that will cover all your bases. No matter where your business is headed we are prepared and informed on the cloud based technologies that will help you scale your business and maintain a work life balance.

“Our company recently became new clients of Breakwater. They are knowledgeable, attentive, helpful, and thorough. They are providing payroll services as well as bill pay. Throughout the transition, they have answered our many questions and guided us along the way. Thank you.”

– Krienen Griffith

3 Areas of Focus for Accounting Workflows

Breakwater’s accounting workflow consultants focus on three main areas to bring you a technology stack consistently customized to your small to medium sized business or non-profit’s needs:

Process Improvement

From the second you click “schedule your free assessment” Breakwater dials in our accounting workflow consultants to begin looking at what your accounting processes currently look like. They are well versed in all industries and know what works for your goals. They will analyze your accounting processes from soup to nuts to identify bottlenecks and places for process improvement.


Breakwater’s accounting workflow team routinely attends seminar and partner meetings with our financial technology partners. They take this time to learn new features and to relay recommendations from our team on areas where they can improve their offerings. They are in constant contact with the entire Breakwater team, keeping them up to date on best practices and ways to serve current clients using various cloud based technologies. Our accounting workflow consultants are also aware that sometimes financial technology companies can’t keep up and a pivot to a new company is needed. They attend conventions and do thorough research to make sure we are bringing you the best options for your needs.

Planning for the Future

We know that technology is ever changing and what is best for a client when they start with us may not always be the most efficient as that client grows and changes. Your outsourced accounting team is trained to reach out as your small to medium sized business or nonprofit grows, changes, and shifts the way you operate, so that our accounting workflow consultants can determine if a switch in cloud based technology would be in your best interest.

Contact Breakwater’s Expert Accounting Workflow Consultants

You want your business or non-profit organization to run smoothly and efficiently. Our accounting workflow consultants can help with insights and recommendations. They work with our outsourced accountants to bring the best options to your small to medium-sized business or non-profit organization. Contact us today to see how we can help you.