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What’s your next move?

| breakwater1601 |

Okay, I am caught up on sleep, work, laundry, texts with friends and Netflix…now what?

In pre-Corona life we were used to life dragging us by the hand. We have been given the gift of quiet (except for those with kids) and time. How are you taking this time to think out and strategize the things that you usually don’t have time to address? What are you doing now to set yourself up for success?

Make running lists:

1. Things I need to do. No matter what.

2. Things I need to so I do not neglect important people and projects.

3. Things that I have been procrastinating on that I can catch up on now.

4. Things that will blow people’s minds.

The first three lists are not so fun, two are quite necessary, the third would help with guilt, so just do it. But the fourth is the key! Things that will blow people’s minds. Take this time to think outside of the box and wander a bit out of your comfort zone. What is something that you have always wanted to provide to your clients but didn’t really have the time to think through and roll out? What is something you’ve wanted to propose to your boss but could not carve out a second to put pen to paper? Do these things now. These are the things that could get you over this hump, and in an even better position when this has all passed.

For instance, Breakwater has been wanting to reorganize to keep up with internal and external growth for some time. We have been given the time to look at things through different lenses and look at how we can be more present for our clients and give them the focused attention that they deserve. We are focusing right now on this: reorganization. Now is the time, we can think things through, float ideas, work out the kinks so that when life gets back to “normal”, we are in the best position possible to get back to business even stronger. Come at your business from your new perspective. We encourage you to blow people’s minds as well. Dream big!