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Embracing Adaptation

| breakwater1601 |

We are being forced to make quick and drastic adjustments to our everyday work and personal lives. We are being forced to prove how capable we are of adjusting and moving forward. Who is going to rise to the challenge? How do you start rising to the challenge?

In order to rise to the challenge, you are going to need some ground rules. First, and foremost, is your attitude: do not view the coming challenges as something that is being done to you, or another dreaded curveball coming your way. These are opportunities to show up for your clients and employees and prove how essential you are to their life and wellbeing. For most of us, there is some similar product or service out there, but you are being given the opportunity to demonstrate what sets you apart and show that lives are better when in your capable and adaptable hands. Be creative, be authentic, and show up ready to make a difference!

Second, you are going to need to make self-care a priority. In pre COVID-19 times, we were always hustling, from one appointment to the next, slamming a meal for survival not enjoyment, squeezing in the gym if we could fit it in, forgetting to text loved ones on their birthday because our reminders were insurmountable and our brains were bogged down trying to prioritize. You are homebound now. Sit down and compose yourself. Have a morning routine full of breathing and intentions for what you are going to carry with you throughout your day. Enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch while carefully reviewing your calendar and reminders before tackling your inbox and to-do list. Take a long walk after dinner with your nearest and dearest (or do 100 pushups and listen to heavy metal) – whatever gets you feeling lighter and balanced do it! While you’re slowing down and taking time, thoughts may come to you. Take the time to write them down and think them through. Your mental health is a major deciding factor for if you get through this, or if you flourish through this.

Third, be flexible (Like Gumbi). Come from a place of yes and explore thoughts that you may not have had time for before quarantine life. When someone proposes an idea and your instinct is “no”, give it a minute and let it simmer. Your team should be embracing adaptation as well, and this can lead to out of the ordinary thoughts, which fit right in with these out of the ordinary times.

Finally, use this time to audit your business trajectory and goals. There are a lot of questions and uncertainty in our personal and professional lives, but we have been given the gift of time to hit the pause button and evaluate if the front and back offices you have set up are working for you. There inevitably will be a lot of shuffling and readjustment to be made when we are all back into our routines. Breakwater prides itself on being flexible, and you should be as well.

Breakwater is big on “teamwork makes the dream work”. Remember that each person on your staff has strengths that are shining through now more than ever. Utilize them in every way you can. Rising to the challenge is the only option in our book, and we hope it is for you as well.