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To Tech or Not To Tech…that is the question!

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Does your back office look or feel like a paperwork nightmare?!?

Are you way behind on invoicing your customers?

Are you spending too much time chasing them down for payment?

Do you have a bill pay or check writing day set aside each month (or week) that you dread?

How do you find time to review all the charges on your corporate card and track down all the receipts?

Do you know how your business is truly performing right now or are you in the dark for months because it takes so long to get good reporting?

If you feel like “there has to be a better way” about something that you or your organization does, then you are most likely right. But, it takes time to research solutions and test them out, much less implement them, when you have to run your organization, take care of your customers or donors, and manage your staff. There just isn’t enough time in the day. So, many businesses continue to do things the way they always have. This can be especially true in the bookkeeping and accounting functions – “a necessary evil” in the minds of most non-accounting folks. You assume that your bookkeeper or accountant is doing things the way they have to.

The real truth is that, with the technology applications available today, there is no excuse for relying on outdated reporting to run your business. There are so many fairly simple and inexpensive ways to streamline your workflow.

Technology is significantly shifting industries and our day to day lives, and the change is accelerating. The bad news is that there are a lot of options; how do you know which one will work best for you? Trying out a new app can be frustrating, especially when you don’t have three hours to watch a training video and you make some mistakes that you then need to clean up. Sometimes it seems easier to just do it the old way.

At Breakwater, we spend time vetting available technology solutions for all of the pain points that we, as accountants and bookkeepers, and our clients face. We use the tools for our firm and discover the shortfalls or limitations as we use them. We go through that vetting stage so that we know the best way to use an app and what type of client it might NOT be a good fit for.

To stay competitive in your industry, you need ready access to key performance metrics so that you can make informed business decisions. The state of your “back office”, your accounting operation, is critical to making this happen. Breakwater can transform your back office operation – that is what we do best! We will recommend and implement the right apps for your specific workflow to keep your business current.

Oh, and you can just hand over your accounting operation to us to manage if that would help you sleep at night.