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Lisa M.’s Favorite Things About Breakwater + More

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Can you quickly describe yourself?

Life has a funny way of starting new chapters. After an intense career, post graduating from Villanova University, where I worked in public accounting as a CPA then transitioned to JP Morgan (pre banking merger time) serving as Controller for various subsidiaries located in Delaware and across the US, it was time to take a break and focus on family. My husband Dan and I have been blessed with 3 awesome children (who, I can now say proudly, are adults), Meghan, Dan Jr and Claire and a very large, furry Goldendoodle, Cooper.   During my work hiatus, I had the pleasure of getting to know Lee and her husband locally here in Wilmington, DE. She was the talk of the town when she started breakwater and I knew she was onto something so critical for many of the Delaware small businesses and non profits and that this was a chance for me to help out. And so, my post retirement career began at breakwater over 7 years ago.  

When I am not crunching numbers, either professionally or personally,  I definitely enjoy walking and catching up with a variety of friends, a competitive game of family pickleball, and an invitation every now and then to join my husband on the golf course (my game definitely needs alot of work, but I do hit them straight!). I am also at the stage in life where I really treasure those moments when our family is together (can be hard to coordinate with 3 kids in 3 different cities) and caring for my parents.

Your favorite part of working for Breakwater?

There is never a dull moment at breakwater. Our wide variety of non profit and for profit clients allows me to serve  businesses ranging from self owned local establishments to fascinating startups to entities engaged in making a difference in society. No matter what the business, they all have one thing in common, they trust and value the breakwater partnership to steer them through the challenges and rewards of running a business. These valued client relationships , the great breakwater colleagues I work with all over the US, as well as the breakwater’s commitment to integrating new technology, not only keeps this old brain sharp but more importantly has connected me with some really terrific people!

What is a Breakwater memory that always makes you smile?

What other firm is creative enough to organize ” Pandemic Parking Lot Happy Hours” and Valentine’s Day gifts that arrive at your home before your husband even remembers it is a holiday! So fun!