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Hello Kristine, A Breakwater Vet With The Pics To Prove It!

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I graduated from Elon College (now Elon University) with a degree in Elementary Education. I was a fourth grade teacher for three years in North Carolina. When I moved to Delaware with my husband, I had a career change and worked with an investment management company for 15 years until I joined Breakwater at the beginning in 2015. I’m married with three sons. I’m a typical suburban mom that enjoys going out to dinner (with and without the boys) and gardening.

My favorite part of working at Breakwater are the people, both my co-workers and clients. My co-workers are supportive and make coming to work enjoyable. I look forward to the days I’m in the office and know that there will be many laughs while I’m there. We are testimony to the “pop of color in a sea of navy suits”. I also love my clients, many who are Breakwater’s first clients. I have developed close relationships with several and feel a part of their business, not an outside contractor that does their books a few times a month.

There is a picture of a meeting from 2015 that always makes me smile. Lee is holding a meeting at the Rockland office. I’m sitting on the floor and my 2 year old son is sitting behind me on a pillow, having a snack and watching his iPad. Everyone is in attendance (all 7 of us) and we are smiling or more likely laughing. It reminds me of how much Breakwater (and my son) have grown. Now we have more employees than we can fit in the conference room, including 5 in other states, and we’re still laughing and supporting each other.