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Employee Spotlight on Jessica, the one behind this post!

| breakwater1601 |
  1. Can you quickly describe yourself?  (education, job history, family, interests, hobbies, etc.) 
    • Hi! I’m Jessica, I’m a mama of two wild things, my son Jack is 11 and my daughter Bailey is 9, they keep me young, on my toes and grateful! I’m a born and raised Delawarean with a love of the beach, hiking, yoga, football (go birds!), and travel of any variety….hit me with a roadtrip or send me across the pond and I am happy as a clam! My family has all stayed in Delaware as well, which I am thankful for…for the most part all of my people are close!
  2. Your favorite part of working for Breakwater? 
    • Oh boy…I’m torn…coworkers or clients…coworkers or clients??? It’s tough, my coworkers have become my close friends! They are as fun as they are supportive. I genuinely look forward to going into the office to see them and catch up on all things life and work. My clients are so hardworking and inspirational it’s hard for them to not be a favorite too. I work with all nonprofits and love hearing about their missions, plans and watching the impact they have (many in good old Delaware!).
  3. What is a Breakwater memory that always makes you smile?
    • Impossible to choose just one…but I’ll always smile about the “good old days” when we were small enough to fit in one conference room and have white elephant holiday parties. They would last for hours and my face would hurt from laughing by the time we were done. On one in particular someone “stole” an ipad from Lisa Pearce, who happens to be the NICEST person in the whole wide world and seeing it happen was hilarious, I could’ve never done it, but someone (Kira) did and I will never forget how hard we laughed about it that day and have continued to over the years!