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Lee Podolsky and what 2022 means for Breakwater!

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What 2022 Means for Breakwater

Hello 2022! We are ready for you.

We are all coming out stronger from two years of a global pandemic and having learned (albeit being forced to learn) to always be ready to pivot and to not be surprised when mind blowing obstacles come our way. Bring it on.

Our Clients

We are so inspired by our clients who have gone from fighting to survive to figuring out how to thrive by offering and delivering services in a different way. We are also excited to see all of the new start-up businesses as people have come up with new ideas or just taken the opportunity to start doing something they have been dreaming of. Know that Breakwater will be there by your side to ensure you have financial clarity to make the best decisions for your business, your nonprofit, and/or your family.

Our Partnership

Breakwater is excited about our partnership with Cultivate Advisors launched September 1, 2021. Being able to offer quality bookkeeping and cloud-based workflow solutions AND have a team of rock star business advisors, all of whom who have experience building a business or five, that we can pull in to add the strategic business advisory expertise to help our clients work towards their vision, really strengthens the value of what we can contribute towards our clients’ success.

 Our People

What makes any business special is the people. We have learned that we can expand our reach and talent by welcoming the remote work environment. Breakwater has embraced cloud-based technology from the start to enable collaboration and efficiency; we have now learned that we can maintain our culture and connection while working remotely. Having the option to work remotely allows us to continue to offer the work life balance everyone is seeking. And, the icing on the cake is that we can hire great people across the country…and nobody has to relocate. If someone wants to move to a different place, they can and continue on with their job as usual. Breakwater now has staff in 10 states across the country and expect that to continue to expand. This likely would have happened over time for us, but the pandemic sped up the adoption of this approach. Silver linings.

Hello 2022! We are ready and looking forward to seeing what you’ve got in store.