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We’ve said it before and we will say it again, entrepreneurship is not for the faint of heart.

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It has never been easy to bear the financial, emotional, and mental load of running your own business, however, it is even more strenuous and depleting at this time in history.  You are carrying the weight of employees that need jobs but in a lot of cases can’t show up the way they used to. You are carrying the weight of clients that need support now more than ever but may be struggling now more than ever.  In addition to all of this you are carrying the weight of your family that depends on you to persevere. 

So what do you do?  Buck up buttercup, this is the job, this is what you were built for.  The fact that you managed to get a company, at any point in history, off the ground and running shows that you have some serious grit.  The fact that you have recruited a team you believe in and that believes in you, to help get them and their families through 2020, shows just how motivating you are.  The fact that you have clients that aren’t jumping ship at the first sight of troubled waters shows that you have built solid relationships and trust.  Lastly, the fact that your family has had front seats watching all this happen shows that you know exactly what you are capable of. 

Get back down to the pegs that you started on, roll up your sleeves, and get to work on what direction you are heading in.  There isn’t any person, company, or industry that hasn’t been affected by 2020.  Your job is to take a step back, figure your way around the negative changes, and see the possibility for positive change within your org because of 2020 – not in spite of it.  This year has opened up pathways for people to get creative, think outside of the box, and come back stronger than they went in if they are able to set their focus in the right areas.

How do you go about doing this?  List it up, write down every new challenge, write down every new opportunity, and go to town on how you can utilize all of the people you are carrying the weight of to overcome the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities.  The solutions to all of your problems could be right in front of you, don’t get bogged down with the stress and unknowns. You must not forget that you have built something intentional and superior that can get through 2020 in a stronger position.