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Philanthropy Expert

Office Space

Philanthropy Expert

Finding the Right Seat for the Experts


It’s ironic that a successful fundraising consultant can secure funds for their clients, but not for themselves. So focused on serving their clients, Philanthropy Expert of Denver didn’t have time to focus on their own back office. They were losing money and unable to grow. Their accountant at the time wasn’t proactive so there were also issues with tax reports and other required filings.


Since 2017, Breakwater has handled Philanthropy Expert’s client invoicing and payroll, along with monthly duties including recording of all financial transactions, bank reconciliations, and reports. Payments are now received on time and there’s more internal capacity for client work.


Annual revenue increases with 60% overall growth in two years.

“It’s wonderful that Breakwater is a partner with a similar culture and values. We’re women-led businesses. We are keenly focused on customer relations. Even though we’re a remote client across the country in Colorado, it doesn’t feel that way. They are responsive, proactive and always make time for us.”

Erin Flores

President, Philanthropy Expert