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Outsourced Accounting Services

Outsourced Accounting Services

Business owners and non-profit organizations no longer need an in-house accounting department, and many are turning to outsourced accounting services. These savvy business owners know that they just need an accounting team that knows it is vital for our team and our clients to work smarter not harder. Breakwater’s accounting team is well rounded and versatile. We bring our clients tested and proven cloud-based accounting solutions to make running your business efficient and seamless so you can get back to doing the work you love.

Members of Breakwater Accounting's  Team | Outsourced Accounting Services

“Working with Breakwater has been a great experience. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional and great people to work with. Highly Recommend!”

– Adam

What Can Outsourced Accounting Services do for Your Business or Non-Profit Organization?

Cloud Based Accounting Expertise

Our first step is always a thorough analysis of your business processes and knowledgeable recommendations of what technology solutions and accounting software may be implemented to bring you and your team confidence in the direction you are going. We use this as a roadmap for your Breakwater success story!

Your Outsourced Accounting Team

Based on your analysis we hand pick an accountant team to match your company’s specific needs. This team will be made up of experts in the accounting software you use and technology solutions that have been recommended to maximize your accounting function.

Financial Management

From top to bottom, your dedicated accountant will keep an eye on all of your financials: checking in on the goals set in your initial analysis and making sure you are functioning efficiently while supporting you through any growing pains or bumps in the road that may arise. Businesses change, life changes and Breakwater has mastered pivoting with our clients. Regular reviews and check ins with your accounting team help us analyze if we need to update your accounting software plan, if there is a team better suited for your growing needs, and if there are opportunities for streamlining that we are missing.

Financial Reporting

You will receive monthly, timely, clean financial reporting so you can have a bird’s eye of where your business is flourishing and what areas need work. Key performance indicators (KPIs) and cash flow analysis provided will give you insights into where to focus your attention. The gift of good financial reporting is that it can help pull you out of the nitty gritty to find paths forward to achieve your goals.

Breakwater’s Outsourced Accountants are real people that know what makes you tick and what will help you succeed in maintaining a work-life balance.

Breakwater Team Members in the Office | Outsourced Accounting Services | Breakwater Accounting

At Breakwater, first we listen. Then we act!

Accounting can be complicated. Mistakes and not having a plan can cost you and your small to medium sized business or non-profit organization in the long run. Your Breakwater accounting team knows that running your business is your passion. We want you to focus on your business while we handle the accounting functions that, when executed properly, can provide you with support, insight and confidence in the direction your business is heading.

Every business owner knows things happen and adjustments need to be made on a whim at times. Breakwater’s personal touch and ability to access the information and accounting functions you need from anywhere because of our technology tools, are convenient. In addition, they provide peace of mind that even when things happen, your Breakwater accounting team will have options to resolve issues without slowing down or impacting your activity.

Your Breakwater accounting team will work to ensure that your business or non-profit organization is operating efficiently and that you understand the financial reporting we are providing. We are part of your team and your success is ours, get your head out of your books and back to the work that inspires you, we have you covered!