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One Year Later: Workflows have never had an opportunity to look better!

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In a year of uncertainty, there is one thing we can be sure about: your business’s workflows are never going to look the same. The COVID-19 pandemic thrust many companies into the world of cloud-based technology and showed us the need to be flexible, adaptable, and proactive. 

If you have not fully adopted cloud-based technology or don’t know where to begin, think about your current processes: 

  • Are you manually writing checks? 
  • Are you keeping a box of paper receipts or constantly tracking down employees to turn in their receipts? 
  • Are you in a never-ending cycle of printing, scanning, downloading, and uploading documents?
  • Are the processes in place aligning with your company’s goals for growth?

Breakwater can help you streamline your processes so your business can operate from anywhere at any time – and you can spend more time running your business. 

If you would like to discuss the technologies available to shift your business workflows to remote but are not yet a Breakwater client, please contact us at Current clients should reach out to their Breakwater team. Save time and some trees :).