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Meet Suzanne, the longest standing Breakwater lady has some inside info and tips and tricks of mastering life at Breakwater!

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It’s hard to believe that I am coming up on 7 years with breakwater. To have been with the company from the very beginning and to see where we are now has been a remarkable journey.  From 4 people to 47; from a small, 3rd floor office (sometimes with no heat or AC) to a big beautiful space with real furniture in the conference rooms (RIP Lee’s grandmother’s dining room table and chairs) and from a list of clients that could all fit on a single wipe board to well, where we are now! And even more surprising is that I still have most of the same clients that I’ve had from very early on. My non-profits do amazing work and I am honored to be a part of helping them to succeed. I am continually inspired by our culture of helping and supporting each other so in that spirit, I’m passing along some insights 🙂

Seven things I have learned in the last 7 years:

  1. No matter how hard I try, I am not able to read my clients’ minds although many believe I can and I wish I could!
  2. If you send an email with two questions, pandemic minds might answer half of one.
  3. Month-end comes every. single. month. (similar story with year-ends and 1099s)
  4. Great teamwork means anyone (including the CEO) can help put together a filing cabinet (picture included!)
  5. Change is inevitable and I am adaptable (although I’m probably/definitely going to complain about it a little bit)
  6. My most successful client relationships are the ones where I am considered to be part of their team because that’s how Breakwater views their relationships with our clients!
  7. Breakwater is about the people – you are all my favorite part of this job and I love working with and learning from all of you!

And, as many of you are not familiar with our lovely office (or haven’t been in forever!), I’ve also created a top 7 list of helpful hints:

  1. The toilet paper roll hangs “over”. 
  2. If you use the last of anything, replace it (or add it to #officesupplyrequests).
  3. The Keurig is happiest with filtered water (although I’ve been told that tap water is used occasionally on days when I am not here).
  4. Country music is only allowed on days when I am not in the office.
  5. If the office ever needs new appliances, let me know and I’ll put a word in to Lee.
  6. Be prepared to gain a lot of weight, there’s candy literally everywhere here.
  7. Think long and hard before creating a new slack channel – ask yourselves, do we REALLY need it?