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Fear vs Hope

| breakwater1601 |

We really have two choices as we anticipate the future – fear or hope.  Which are you choosing?  With so many unknowns remaining after a volatile year that generated much fear in all of us, we have the option to lean another way, a braver way, a more vulnerable way, towards hope.  Fear or hope? Let’s look at what each of these approaches will offer us.

Fear takes you out of your present moment into analyzing what has happened as a way to prepare for something similar or worse happening.  Fear wears you down, stresses you out, and yet, with all of the effort it takes to worry about all the “what ifs”, it gets you nowhere.

Hope is a road to manifestation.  A trip into a positive mindset that channels your energy into overcoming obstacles, because there are good things ahead.  Hope is a daily choice to let the bad times and hard lessons be just that….lessons and instances of time to learn and grow from, but not be defined by.  One bad year doesn’t make a bad life, unless you let it dictate your thoughts, actions and future. 

Not one person is leaving 2020 the same way they came in.  In a year of solitude and hardships, we have been challenged and pushed and forced to get really in touch with ourselves and our shortcomings.  While a challenge like that may not have been fun, can you make it worth it?  Can you take the times you buckled under the pressure, the people or things you lost, the fear you felt, and channel them into something hopeful and positive?  You bounced back from the buckle which shows perseverance, losing a person or thing you valued shows how much love and heart you have, and feeling fear and moving through it shows gumption. Focus on the positive “silver linings” that came with 2020.

Believe and hope that there are better days ahead. Although you’ve faced a year of fear and unknowns, you’ve persevered and will come out on the other side a stronger, wiser version of yourself. You are more prepared than ever for what life has in store. Keep hope in your heart and know that you’ve got this!