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Delaware Football Club

Finding Efficiencies for Volunteers


Delaware Football Club’s volunteer board Treasurer Amy Burg had a weighty responsibility: facilitating funding, financial oversight, budgeting, forecasting, reporting and auditing. Then, there was payroll for 17 independent-contractor coaches, and scheduling and paying referees for each game, all handled by a part-time office manager. Records were kept in Excel. The volume and the accountability was too much for the mostly-volunteer organization that offers community-based recreational and travel soccer programs.


Burg hired Breakwater to recommend and implement a system that would turn chaos into efficiency. The firm’s Integrated solution includes an easy online payroll system for the coaches, an online scheduling system for the referees that integrates with payroll, and a platform for payments so board members can virtually approve expenses.


Operationally, everything is easier, quicker and more efficient with information readily available and accurate, consistent reporting. Breakwater’s holistic approach covered everything that needed to be fixed.

“Our volunteers used to work through vacations to finish reports and analyses. Breakwater saved us a lot of time and the systems they put in place reduced headaches and positioned us for the long-term. They really helped us get to where we should be. Their people are incredible.”

Amy Burg

Delaware Football Club Former Treasurer and Board Member