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Darrell of all trades

| breakwater1601 |

Welcome Darrell, our favorite Marine! He’s an early riser and has his hands in many pots between accounting, school and volunteering to name a few. A former client turned all-star staff member, #teambreakwater is excited to have our second guy on board!

Darrell Wisseman, Account Associate, joined Breakwater in May 2018. Darrell has extensive knowledge of non-profit finance and administration after working as the Assistant to the President for a Philadelphia-based international relations organization. He served as an intelligence analyst in the Marine Corps and subsequently earned a B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Delaware.

Darrell coaches CrossFit at several local gyms and is currently pursuing a degree in physical therapy. He also serves on two non-profit boards whose missions are to support student veterans at the University of Delaware and tackle tough social problems in Philadelphia.