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Breakwater is working smarter, not harder

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Technology is changing the business landscape and opens up increased opportunities to reach customers and deliver products and services. Doing business the way it has always been done is no longer sustainable. But you already know this.

Every business and non-profit has administrative and “back-office” roles. These functions are what keep the business operating behind the scenes – the movement of money, the recording of transactions, the correspondence with vendors and employees, and compliance with laws. These functions are not usually a business owner’s passion but are necessary. They take time away from the owner’s focus on the future vision, strategies, innovation of products/services, and time spent with customers and prospects.

What IS highly valuable to you as the business owner, though, is insight and data about your business, and the peace of mind that all is in order. This key deliverable is the business of bookkeeping and accounting, and is Breakwater’s focus and passion.

Technology in the bookkeeping and accounting arena is rapidly improving and provides us with tools to spend less time on manual data entry, endless excel spreadsheets, and the organization of paper. It allows us to spend more time on the value add functions of the data reporting and analysis – providing the business owner with insight into what that data means. Breakwater stays current on the accounting technology tools available, tests them in real-life situations, and selects those tools that deliver the most efficient processes for our clients and for us. The tools increase our ability to share and collaborate with our team and clients, and our partnerships with the tech firms give us access to the best and highest level of support.

A business owner or non-profit Executive Director or Board Member should not have to wait for months to see their financial reporting and results. The accounting tools today allow for real-time data interface, reconciliations, and reporting. We continue to roll out technology tools for our clients that support our goal for efficient and effective internal processes. These tools allow us to streamline workflows for paying bills, tracking time for payroll, and gathering receipts for credit card charges, to name a few. As a result, Breakwater continues to enable our staff and clients to work smarter – not harder.

We encourage you to embrace technology to help you achieve your business goals and non-profit mission in a more effective way. Technology is moving fast. It can seem overwhelming and hard to keep up with. For your organization’s financial operations, you should be able to rely on your bookkeeping and accounting firm to be current on this subject and help you implement tools best suited for you. Breakwater is ready!

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