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Back to the office…Sometimes!

| breakwater1601 |

We are a step closer to a sense of normalcy. At Breakwater, we will continue with a hybrid model for the rest of 2021 at least. Some choose to come to the office every day, some continue to work from home, and many choose to come to the office two or three days each week. For those fully vaccinated, maskless is the look!

Despite the joy of having our loyal dogs or cats by our side during the work day, being in the office a few days each week can be a relief. We don’t have to worry about being interrupted mid-Zoom with dogs barking, when yet another delivery arrives or when a landscaper starts using loud equipment – always well timed. And, seeing work colleagues in person, being able to meet and talk through things, and hearing the laughter here and there (always part of the Breakwater day) is so energizing. Zoom fatigue is a real thing. Collaborating in person is just a welcome motivator. And for those moms and dads of young children who have been restricted in their typical school and activity schedules, what a relief to be able to get back to a normal routine!

Every business is unique and needs to decide what works best for their operation and for their people. Being able to weave work and life together is a positive, and hopefully employers are open to continuing this opportunity. People are happier and are likely more productive. We will all be watching this closely to see what the right balance is and what works best. But, what a silver lining to a stressful period – to force all of us to experience working remotely for a long period of time and to learn a different way to operate as a business. 

Hoping everyone is looking at their business with a fresh perspective and changing things up.