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Expensify your way to a stress free vacation

Summer. At Breakwater Accounting + Advisory, the arrival of this season elicits images of beaches, ice-cold beverages, water sports and fun in the sun.

Summer is a time when schools are on break and families go on vacation. While a vacation should be stress-free to receive the biggest benefits to your health, the mere idea of time away from the responsibilities of running your business can be overwhelming.

Expensify.com is our go-to tool for managing and tracking expenses in every season. This application is a pocket concierge that tracks and records expenses so that they can be reviewed and approved before hitting your books.

Do your employees do a lot of travel that needs reimbursement? Set the rates and Expensify.com has a built-in GPS for employees to track their travel, or they can enter their odometer reading.

With Expensify's smart scan technology, a quick snap of a receipt with a smart phone allows employees to record receipts on the go. The built-in concierge will remind them to fill in the missing information. Once the report is approved, reimbursement is just a click away, and funds can be deposited into the users bank account directly from Expensify.

Expensify integrates with many frequently used apps for Travel, HR and Practice Management software and most importantly Accounting and Financial programs. You choose when you receive reports. See them daily while you are working and switch them to weekly while you are away or vice versa.

Wherever your vacation or travel may lead you, Expensify.com keeps everything moving, tracking employee expenses and putting them in the palm of your hand for review and approval.

Don't miss out on a vacation due to the stress of being out of the office. Breakwater Accounting + Advisory has your back office under control, and we have the right partners to help you succeed. If you need more convincing about that vacation, these articles may help!

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